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Frequently asked questions

What is Plato?

Plato is a bot which generates a feed message on the dashboard, calling generate an order to buy or to sell Bitcoins based on certain parameters.

How to create a Plato?

Go to Platos page and click Add Plato.

What parameters are available to set up a Plato?

For now, parameters are limited to MACD. More are yet to come soon.

Can a Plato generate orders automatically?

Yes. If you turn on “AUTOTRADE” on Platos, then a Feed message will turn into an order automatically and will be executed accordingly.

Can I setup different conditions for entering AND exiting a position within the same Plato?

Yes. There are two sets of parameters you may setup your Plato. One is for entering a position, another is for exiting. Thus, behavior of your Plato may be flexible to earn you more money.

When and Where a Feed message does pop up?

A Feed message pops up when certain criteria to buy or to sell meets the market value. You can see a Feed message in the FEED section on the Dashboard page.

What do I do when a Feed message pops up on the Dashboard?

You can create an order by clicking on Create order button which shows current market price. Or for some reason you may ignore a feed.

What type of orders Platos generate?

Platos generate Market type orders.

What type of orders I can generate on the Order Form?

On the Order form you are able to generate Market or Limit type orders.

What functions are available in my Wallet?

In your Wallet you are able to request a deposit or withdraw USD, Send Bitcoins and access to your BTC Wallet Address.

How do I deposit or withdraw US dollars?

By requesting a transfer by filling up the form in the Wallet.